1:1 Coaching

Strategic business consulting, coaching & mentoring with Nadine, CEO & Founder of MeJane

There are two ways entrepreneurs and executives can work with Nadine privately: short term project-based consulting or a yearlong business partnership.

Project-Based Consulting

For entrepreneurs and executives seeking a specific goal or outcome, work with Nadine to develop your strategic plan to achieve it. Nadine will walk you through a strategic planning process to clarify your vision for your goal, evaluate your current position (including strengths, key allies, likely setbacks, and possible challenges) and strategize your key steps and milestones towards accomplishing your goal.

This shorter term consulting relationship typically lasts 6 to 12 weeks, but may be longer depending on your situation and needs. To explore working with Nadine, set up a complimentary consult here.

Work Privately with Nadine

Work with Nadine to develop and implement a plan for multiple goals, opportunities and projects. For example, you may have a specific revenue target, or need to develop a clear plan for next-level growth of your business.

This is a year long program in which Nadine partners with you to envision your next bold move, set goals, and plan your strategy to make it happen. As you implement your strategic plan, Nadine will hold you to account, help you troubleshoot the inevitable challenges and setbacks that pop up, and help you tweak your strategy in real time.

Included in this package are two live in-person retreats with a powerhouse peer group, virtual mastermind days, ‘911’ coaching calls to help you solve real-time issues, and scheduled coaching sessions to keep you focused as you implement and navigate your vision.

Nadine works with a handful of entrepreneurs and executives at any given time; space is limited and she is selective about her clientele.


To explore working with Nadine as you go after your next big opportunity, apply for a time to talk here.

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