I believe money is beautiful, but time is the ultimate currency. Nadine Nicholson

So, what does MeJane mean?

Remember Jane from the movie Tarzan?

She was English... and at first she was quite prim, proper, buttoned up. Then she married Tarzan and moved to the jungle, and things began to change. Over time, Jane came to realize that she’d never belonged in the city. The jungle – in all its lusciousness and wildness – had always been where her soul felt most at home. In the end, Jane owns it. She takes a stand for what she loves most, where she knows she belongs.

This is the same journey those of us with a primal instinct to achieve must make, if we intend to experience deep satisfaction with our accomplishments and lives.

There’s a great quote from Alan Alda that sums it up beautifully: “You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the jungle of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” This factor – the returning home to the place you most belong, to what matters most – is what I teach my clients to include in their strategic planning, because when you do, the results will exceed your wildest dreams.

Meet Nadine, founder of MeJane

Nadine NicholsonNadine Nicholson is an entrepreneur and business strategist who helps other entrepreneurs and executives grow dynamic businesses and careers aligned with their true priorities.

Prior to starting MeJane, Nadine was the Communications Manager for the City of Calgary, leading 100 employees and developing communication strategies for major projects, including a $313 million water treatment upgrade and $252 million recycling program.

With the birth of her son and the death of her dad in 2009, Nadine realized that although she looked successful – internationally recognized in her industry, leading a big team, managing a big budget and making well over six figures. But the truth was, she was living someone else’s idea of success.

And it came at a pretty high cost.

She was moving from accomplishment to accomplishment, without really taking stock of the cost to her health, family, marriage, and freedom to choose how she spent her time. Like many people who are focused and results-driven, Nadine realized she had a choice to make. It wasn’t about whether to keep achieving. That was a given.

Nadine Nicolson with her familyInstead, her choice was about changing the way she went about it.

What if there was a way, she wondered, to keep achieving, keep going big, keep moving towards bold, audacious goals...  AND to put my health, my family and my precious time on this planet first?

Unable to back down from a good challenge, Nadine made a new choice, leaving the corporate world and founding MeJane in 2009. Passionate about strategy, Nadine built her privately-owned business in record time, landing multiple lucrative corporate consulting contracts.

“However, I knew I wasn’t living my true calling and that was taking a toll on me,” says Nadine, “I wanted to make a big pivot and go for it but wasn’t sure it would pay the bills.”

Nadine Nicholson paddleboardingShe used her change management expertise to remodel her business to align with her deepest priorities and true calling, put her focus on helping high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives, and phased out corporate consulting contracts.

Not only did this pivot work – it quadrupled her corporate salary and gave her freedom to choose how she spends her time. Even better, she did it while getting muddy in outdoor boot camp, taking three months of vacation a year, and flying her family to Hawaii to play together.

Now, Nadine wants every entrepreneur and executive to know that you too can have highly profitable work and an amazing life. So now, Nadine shows her clients the path to their wildest dreams.

Nadine Nicholson mountain bikingBecause the truth is, your results-driven nature is a given – it’s not going to change. But what can change is how your relentless drive to achieve impacts the other things that matter to you.

Nadine holds degrees in Communications (Public Relations) from Mount Royal University and Psychology from the University of Calgary and is highly credentialed by the International Coach Federation. She has completed extensive leadership and change management training, notably The Coaches Training Institute’s Co-Active Leadership Program and the Better Leaders Program with the Banff Centre. Nadine lives in Calgary with her husband Derek and son Keane, where they love to bike, hike, camp and paddleboard on their many adventures in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains.


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