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Business strategist Nadine Nicholson works with results-driven entrepreneurs and executives to achieve results that exceed their wildest dreams. She is the founder and CEO of MeJane, a global consulting company that roots strategic planning into a leader’s true priorities. Nadine has spent the past two decades helping leaders achieve their most outrageous goals, inclusive of the things that matter most – namely their health, their family and their precious time on this planet. She lives in Calgary with her husband Derek and son Keane, where they love to bike, hike, camp and paddleboard in the mountains together. Learn more at

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Nadine Nicholson, ABC, CPCC, PCC is a business strategist who helps results-driven entrepreneurs and executives achieve extraordinary results that exceed their wildest dreams. She is passionate about helping her clients go after their most ambitious goals rooted in their true priorities.

She is the founder and CEO of MeJane, and still has plenty of freedom and flexibility in how she spends her time, including having many biking, hiking and camping adventures in the mountains with her husband Derek and son Keane – two of the people who matter most to her.

Prior to starting MeJane, Nadine was the Communications Manager for the City of Calgary, leading 100 employees and developing communication and marketing strategies for major infrastructure projects, including a $313 million water treatment upgrade and $252 million recycling program.

Back then, Nadine looked successful – internationally recognized in her industry, leading a big team, managing a big budget and making well over six figures. But the truth was, she was living someone else’s idea of success.

So in 2009, Nadine made a new choice, leaving the corporate world and founding MeJane. She built her privately-owned business in record time, landing lucrative corporate contracts. Nadine then used her change management expertise to remodel her business to align with her deepest priorities and true calling, and put her focus on helping high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives. In the process she quadrupled her corporate income and won the freedom to choose how she spends her time.

She now shows entrepreneurs and executives how to strategically plot their next bold moves, without giving up an inch of what matters most. What’s most important becomes their rocket fuel – their health, their family and their precious time on this planet. You can learn more about Nadine and her work at

ABC - Accredited Business Communicator, International Association of Business Communicators
CPCC - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute
PCC - Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

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Nadine Nicholson
Nadine Nicholson

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