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3 questions to get more from your time #mejane

Nadine Nicholson - Monday, February 05, 2018
3 questions to get more from your time #mejane

At the end of my coaching sessions, I love “locking in the learning” by asking my clients what they walked away with.

One client recently said, “I learned how to slow down to slow down.”

I believe these words are profound.

It really got me thinking.

How often do you take stock of last month before flipping the calendar and launching into the next month?

By looking back and reflecting, you will see many opportunities to get much more from your time.

And it can be simple and doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Here are three questions to help you get more from your time:

1) What do you want to celebrate from the last month? What would you like to “name and claim?”

Here are my highlights from the last month:

  • Completed a difficult and rewarding Full Moon Fat Bike Ride in the Rocky Mountains
  • Organized and held our son’s 10th birthday party
  • Completed the Whole Foods 30 program for 30 days 
  • Created a new combined brand strategy to work together with my husband Derek
  • Attracted seven amazing people into a new group coaching program with Derek without posting a single word on our website
  • Celebrated the Full Moon in Leo by dedicating the day to deep meditation
  • Dedicated two weeks in 2018 to complete my yoga teacher training in an outdoor wilderness training program
  • Coached our clients through some massive decision points in their lives
  • Mapped out my packing list for two months in Hawaii and California
  • Manifested a photographer and videographer for my backpacking adventure business retreat in Kauai
  • Learned about moon cycles and how to use them to plan our business

2) What are you grateful for? Truly, what would you like to express gratitude for?

Here are my highlights from my last month:

  • My husband, who is healing some concussion symptoms after experiencing whiplash over the Christmas holidays
  • My son, who at 10 years old, is learning the ups and downs of how he fits in this big world, and who is my greatest teacher... parenting is hard!
  • My Dad, who inspires me post mortem to cultivate the drive to be an entrepreneur and put relationships above all else
  • My Mom, a kind, generous woman who I adore
  • My sister who recently avoided a potentially life-threatening car accident and is healing concussion symptoms
  • Our coaching clients, who are courageous, brave and genuinely coachable

3) What do you want to celebrate by this time next month? What do you want and desire?

Here are a few things I wrote down. By the end of the next month, I will have:

  • Connected as much as I could with my husband and son before leaving for Hawaii mid-way through the month
  • Packed for four different phases of a two-month journey to Hawaii and California
  • Prepared Derek to lead our coaching sessions on his own during my travels
  • Attracted two new clients into our next Mount Engadine Lodge live retreat 
  • Enjoyed participating in a 9-day yoga retreat in Kauai with Hale O’Hana
  • Powerfully kicked off my 6-day backpacking adventure business retreat in Kauai

This is a snapshot of my own reflection. I wrote about a page for each question. Whatever the length yours is, is truly perfect. The key is to just do it!

Planning can be simple. You can get incredible clarity – and get more out of your time – from these three questions alone.

Your call to action is to take 30 minutes and answer these three questions for yourself. What insights did you get from this? Want more help to get a clear vision and road map for the next year? That’s my specialty! Let’s take 75 minutes together in a {no cost} 1:1 strategy session to get you clear on the projects and priorities that need to get done now, in order to create the future you want, next. Apply for your complimentary business strategy call with me here.