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3 practical steps to avoid decision remorse #mejane

Nadine Nicholson - Monday, February 26, 2018
3 practical steps to avoid decision remorse #mejane

Ever made a big decision that you felt great about, then went to bed and woke up the next morning second-guessing yourself?

I call this “decision remorse.”

Even if you made the decision totally aligned with your core being, decision remorse is likely to happen.

It’s a big energy drain and usually can be avoided by using three pragmatic and easy-to-remember steps. 

Here are three steps to avoid decision remorse:

Step 1: What’s your why?

Think about a recent decision. Why is this the right decision for you? What does it give you? Why is now the time for you to make this decision? What is your “why” for this decision? Really give your “why” some thought and reflection. 

Step 2: Do you want your why?

Once you are clear about your why, then you need to choose it. This is essential because most people skip over this. Ask yourself if you actually want your why. Are you accepting this decision? Do you want your why? If you can’t confidently do this, then you’re not ready to move onto the how.

Step 3: How do you make your why happen?

Once you decide to want your why and you choose your decision, then it’s time to move to the how so you can make your why – and your decision – happen. What are the three next steps? What will help you make your decision a reality? Usually these come easily once you’ve chosen your why.

Doing these steps is not a one-time thing. 

Depending on the size and impact of your decision, you may need to do these steps for multiple days in a row or even multiple times in a day.

These three steps are a key to help you stick with your decisions, get tangible traction from your efforts, and save you from stewing and draining yourself in decision remorse.

Your Call to Action

Have you made a recent decision you feel a little shaky about – or worry that you might go there? Try these steps out and see what you notice. I invite you to post a comment below with what you find out.