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4 strategies to slow down time and enjoy life as an entrepreneur #mejane

Nadine Nicholson - Thursday, September 08, 2016
4 strategies to slow down time and enjoy life as an entrepreneur #mejane

Did you start your business for the dream of freedom?

Are you exhausted by how busy you are and worried your personal life is paying the price?

I work with people just like you every day. In our work together, my clients take control
of their time, make more money and become happier at home.

You know your time on this planet is finite. Every day you’re bombarded by messages to stay busy and do more stuff.

Then, every year, you see kids going back to school in the fall and see how fast they’re growing up. Perhaps your own child is now in college or you realize it is right around the corner.

Time is literally flying by in front of your eyes. I can totally relate.

It seems like yesterday I held my son on my chest and bonded with him moments after he was born. Now he’s in grade 3 and pitches a baseball 45 miles an hour. When did that happen?

How do you slow down time so it feels like it’s going at the actual speed it is going?

The answer is to create PRESENCE in your business and life so you actually experience what’s happening in your life and to remember those experiences after they’ve happened.

There are four specific strategies that I use in my business and life every day to slow down time and enjoy my life. These aren’t new and I didn’t invent them.

The key is to actually do them, consistently. These are some of the easiest ways to slow down time and enjoy your life.

Here are 4 strategies to slow down time and enjoy life as an entrepreneur:

1. Record

One way to slow down time is to keep a record of your experiences – what you’re actually doing with your time. I write three pages of journaling each morning, a technique called Morning Pages. I also take plenty of pictures and videos of my family and our activities, and most importantly ensure the records of our experiences are safely stored.

2. Reminisce

There’s no question it feels like time flies – especially when September comes and you see back-to-school pictures of your own children or children you know. The other day I saw a grade one picture of a friend’s child waiting for her bus on her first day of school. It seemed like yesterday when I was at her baby shower!

One way to slow down time and truly enjoy your life is to tell stories in your family about your life. As a child, I remember on Sunday evenings my parents would bring my family together in our living room. They’d turn down the lights and show a slide slow of a family vacation or some other occasion. I remember us reminiscing about our experiences and felt we bonded as a family in those moments.

Now, fast forward many years, I do this with my own family. Often we flip through old pictures and videos to remind us of our experiences together. I tell stories to my son about his childhood. He remembers many of the moments even at his young age. This helps us get even more life out of our experiences together.

3. Meditate

When I worked in the corporate world the last thing I did was meditate. I was too busy being double and triple booked in meetings while leading over 100 employees in a huge organization. Even if I did meditate, most people would have thought I had two horns on my head if I talked about it.

Maybe now you’re so busy in your business that it's hard to wrap your head around taking time to meditate when you don't feel like you have time.

As a business owner, you call the shots. You can take time to meditate and it doesn’t have to be hard to do. If you don’t know how, then learn how to do it. I learned Transcendental Meditation and find the benefits are huge. Throughout the day, I think more clearly, breathe more calmly and am more creative than ever before. My mind and body love it. My business loves it. Every minute I meditate multiplies in productivity and clarity.

4. Plan

As an entrepreneur, planning is not a luxury. You don’t have someone telling you what to do; you’re in charge of your time. Planning your time is a must-do.

When you plan what you want to focus on, you get the right things done and will likely have a more fulfilling experience while you’re implementing.

When I walk into my office in the morning I do the same thing every day. I sit down, turn on my desk light, turn on my essential oil diffuser, take a deep cleansing breath, and take 15 minutes to plan my day.

Your opportunity is to take 15 minutes to write down the most important results and outcomes you want to experience in the day. This will help you slow down time because you’re more aware of what you’re working on and why.

If you’re feeling time is flying by and you want to slow it down and enjoy your life, you aren’t alone. You can slow time down so it feels like it’s going at the actual speed it is going, using one or all strategies I shared today: record, reminisce, meditate and plan.

I invite you to take ONE step and try ONE of these strategies today. Then, come back and make a quick comment under this article with what you noticed. Did time slow down? Did you notice any shifts?

These are simple strategies. The secret is actually doing them and doing them consistently. Get started today with one step forward and you’ll gain an invaluable return on investment that’s worth every second you put into it.