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Are you getting value from what you are paying for? #mejane

Nadine Nicholson - Tuesday, October 03, 2017
Are you getting value from what you are paying for? #mejane

Do you ever find yourself questioning if you are getting the value from what you are investing in yourself?

There have been times I have asked myself this question – and am sure people working with me have asked that too.

In fact, I would expect nothing less!

While on a video call with my peer group, one of the women questioned whether she was getting the value of what she was paying for.

The energy shifted.

It felt like everyone held their breath for a few moments.

I work with a husband and wife coaching team from Los Angeles named George and Tracey. They are masterful at what they do.

They didn’t try to justify anything or step over it. They gave the space to this amazing woman to vent and feel what she was feeling.

Then, they said this:

You Get What You Are Looking For. 

If you look for lack, you will get more lack.

If you look for how you are different, you will get more separation. 

If you look for ‘not enough’ you will get not enough.

Let’s change the conversation from what you are lacking to what you are WANTING.

What are you wanting that you are not getting? And what are you bringing to get that?

This shifted the entire conversation for this woman. Everyone started to breathe again.

She opened to see what was underneath the frustration – a worry she was not “doing it right” and therefore not getting the full value of the experience.

They coached her through this limiting belief and the freedom this created for her was very moving.

I felt inspired by this interaction and saw where I myself fall into the trap of looking for what is not happening.

Let’s bring this to back to you.

When you put your energy into what is not happening, it creates more of what is not happening.

If you truly want to see the value of what you are paying for, then look for what IS happening.

Look for what is changing and what is shifting for you.

Look for where you are clear.

Look for what you DO want.

Celebrate and own THAT.

You get what you are looking for. Every moment you choose how to show up.

Your Call to Action

What are you taking away from this conversation? I invite you to leave a comment below and let me know.