Big Vision, Big Results Blueprint Program

Ready to Go After Your Bigger Dream?

By all standards, you are successful. You know how to get things done. You know how to make money. But there is probably something even BIGGER you dream of doing. Maybe you know what it is. Maybe you just hear something calling to you. Maybe you can already taste it. You are ambitious and driven, but… you find yourself hesitating before you go for it.

Who You Are

You run your own business or have a high-powered corporate career. There’s something big you want. Your next big goal is out there. Whether or not you are clear on what that goal is and the steps you need to take to get there, there’s something big you want, and you are committed to getting it.

What You Want

You want work you love. You want to knock it out of the park. You want to set your sights on your next big thing – and then nail it. You know it’s possible, but there is also a little voice of doubt in your head. You feel torn. Secretly, you have a desire to do something, to leave the beaten path and blaze your own trail, pivot in your business or career, or do something radically different. But... (there’s that doubt again!)

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

Nadine Nicholson | MeJaneYou work hard. Although you are making good money, you're probably feeling overwhelmed, possibly frustrated and alone.

If you have a spouse, he or she may not even know what your goal is, or why you want it so much. You are used to achieving amazing things on your own. That’s probably worked pretty well for you in the past, but lately, it’s been feeling like something is missing. You are tired of feeling like you're doing this all by yourself.

There’s a strong chance you’ve been thinking lately about how much you’ve had to sacrifice – family, relationships, free time, a feeling of deep soul satisfaction – to accomplish what you have so far. As a result, you may be feeling conflicted; on the one hand, you love making things happen (it’s who you are), but on the other, you’re probably feeling guilty about neglecting the other things that mean so much to you. Maybe you’ve already had a wake-up call that’s blindsided you (and is causing you to take stock and shift things up). Or if you haven’t, you know it’s coming.

What You Need Most Right Now

Big Vision, Big Results SystemYou need to switch fuel tanks. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, your focus needs to be on getting a clear 360 degree view on what matters most to you – your deepest priorities in your work and in your life – first. Before you make a move towards your next bold move.

Don’t worry, it won’t take long. But it is critical, because it’s your rocket fuel. When you take into account what matters most to you – your health, family, life’s work, relationships and self-care – it drives your results in a way that nothing else can. Whatever big thing you want to do, you must create your own strong, compelling vision of how you will get there in your way.

You need to know that most high-achievers believe we must sacrifice other things in our lives to get results. But that’s not true. The truth is, when you are clear about what matters most to you and include that in your vision of what’s next, it drives you like never before, because you are acting on your truest priorities and desires. Even better, your results are even better than you imagined.

When you join Big Vision, Big Results, you receive exclusive access to a life-changing, 90-day small group program to envision, plan, troubleshoot and activate your next bold move, complete with accountability and support. Over the course of 7 training sessions, Nadine will walk you through her 7 proven steps to help you get clarity on where you are now, what you want next and how to get there.

You will meet virtually in a small powerhouse group led by Nadine, complete with interactive, powerful coaching and Q&A time. These calls are designed to take you through a strategic planning process in real time, with the opportunity to talk through any roadblocks or issues that arise as you go after your vision.

Unlike other groups or even working with other strategic consultants, what makes this group different is that Nadine wants you to create your own vision and your own plan. There is no cookie-cutter approach here.

This is a discovery process that is completely individual. Nadine will give you a structure to uncover what matters most to you, and use it to plan and create results that are even better than you can imagine – your way.

You’ll learn how to write your own rules for freedom and guide your decisions, boundaries and actions by your truest priorities, so that your life is as glorious as your next accomplishment.


Membership in Big Vision, Big Results Blueprint Program is by invitation only. If you'd like to see if this is a fit for you, click here to set up a conversation with Nadine.

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