What's Now? What's Next? Nadine Nicholson


Hello, Powerhouse.
Let’s talk about where you are now, what you want next,
and what’s standing between you and your wildest dreams.


Can you EASILY answer this question: “What do you really want for the second half of your precious life?”

Or have you been go-go-go for so long, that your fuel tank is on empty and you’ve haven’t had the energy to figure it out? 

(And you know the fatigue is real but you’re pushing through the feeling because that’s what powerhouses do).

Here’s the truth. Everything you want is possible. 

But, you'll need to stop doing what you’ve always done. And start becoming the person you are meant to be.

If you know this in your bones to be true, but you aren't quite sure how to actually do it – or if you know something's got to change as you go after your bigger dream – then I warmly invite you to...

Apply for a no-cost private Business Strategy Session with me.


Who should apply for a session?

If you ...

  • Have the gut feeling that what I do holds a missing piece for you
  • Are a business owner who knows how to make money but still doesn’t feel free
  • Are driven to achieve and have a primal instinct to be more, to do more
  • Are not where you thought you’d be by now, in spite of all you’ve achieved
  • Have a ‘bigger dream’ that you can taste BUT can’t quite seem to make it real 
  • Had a wake-up call (health issue, relationship stress, death of someone close) 
  • Know you’re not yet doing the work you’re called to do and that’s taking a toll on you
  • Are ready to take your time back and have the freedom to choose how to spend your time from now on

Then I invite you to apply for a session. I’ll bring over 20 years of business strategy to the conversation, and you will get my best insight and advice about how to take your next big leap forward. 

What can you expect from your session?

Our conversation will cover four areas:

  1. Where you are now (and what is and is not working for you)?
  2. What’s next for you?
  3. What's standing in your way?
  4. What are the next steps for your big leap forward? 

You can expect me to be 100% committed to your results, without having my own agenda. You can expect me to ask questions that clarify where you are now and where you want to go. You can expect our conversation to be like a ‘machete of truth’.

And finally, you can expect to leave your session with confidence that you can have what you want – and the next steps to make that leap and make it happen.

Also? If you are turned off by the possibility that I will try to sell you something, let me be clear: that’s not how I work. People who work with me (beyond this call) feel guided to do so. If you do want to work with me, then when we have the session, we can talk about how to make that happen. 

But even if we never talk again, my goal is to make sure you get more clarity and know your next best action to leap forward.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take 20-30 minutes to fill out the mini-questionnaire. 
  2. Write from your heart. Dig deep. The more real you are with me, the more I can help you.
  3. Your responses will land in my personal inbox. I will read every word.
  4. If I think I can help you, you’ll hear back within 2-3 days and we’ll book your private strategy session valued at $500.
  5. Keep an eye on your email. (If you don’t hear back within a week, check your spam filters and add nadine@mejane.ca). 

Please email my assistant Shelley at shelley@mejane.ca if you have any questions.

Let’s do this!

Nadine Nicholson, ABC, CPCC, PCC
Business Strategist | Founder & CEO | MeJane

ABC - Accredited Business Communicator, International Association of Business Communicators
CPCC - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute
PCC - Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation 


Nadine Nicholson

About Nadine Nicholson

Business strategist Nadine Nicholson works with results-driven, successful entrepreneurs to achieve results that exceed their wildest dreams. She is the founder and CEO of MeJane, a global consulting company that roots strategic planning into a leader’s true priorities. Nadine has spent the past two decades helping leaders achieve their bigger dreams, inclusive of the things that matter most – namely their health, marriage, family, time off, or the work they are called to do. She lives in Calgary with her husband Derek and son Keane, where they love to bike, hike, camp and paddleboard in the mountains together. Learn more at mejane.ca.




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