Success Stories

Penny Lane Crull“You can’t put a price on this transformation.”

“This investment will repay me for the rest of my life every day. This was life-changing for me.

Before working with Nadine, I felt that life was passing me by in a whirlwind of stress. My state of my mind was affecting my health, my relationships and my business. My time felt out of my control. No matter what I was doing, I felt I should be doing “something else”.

And, while I had a big dream for a long time (30 years!) to work with clients more as a coach – I couldn’t see a path to it or fathom having the energy or resources to figure it out. I knew it was time to work on some things at a deeper level.

In an amazingly short amount of time, Nadine helped me:

  • Do the “inside work” which made all the outside work possible.
  • Clearly see the path to my bigger dream and find the internal motivation to steadily take action toward my vision – I’m on fire!
  • Learn how to take charge of my time and be more present in everything I do.
  • Discover what really matters to me and how to focus my time and energy to nurture those things.
  • Make friends with my fear and inner critics and learn to “hear” them and then take action anyway.
  • Become more accepting and loving toward myself which caused my inner conflict to simply fall away.
  • Learn how to navigate challenges I’ve struggled with for most of my life, like insecurity, anxiety, insomnia and worry.

While it’s not easy for me to be expressive, I find it easy with Nadine because she exudes confidence and trustworthiness. Nadine is very perceptive and not afraid to call people to the carpet in a gentle way when they need to hear it. She is insightful, strong and loving.”


Jennifer Nangle“I went from making $65k in a very bad year to looking at $100k in business already secured for this year and it’s only March!”

“I’m a realtor and felt pressure to be like every other realtor out there. But, that was out of integrity and I felt paralyzed and misaligned at my core, I was lost.

I wanted my work to be a direct expression of who I am. I was tired of trying to “fit in” to the typical real estate industry. I had to do something different. That’s where Nadine came in.

Nadine helped me articulate my purpose and use it as an anchor to leap my business forward. I am clear on my desire to live a balanced, integrated life which includes an authentic real estate business but not one that has to be time-consuming.

I’m now clear, grounded and motivated to live my dream business and life. I’m putting myself first and my alone time with my kids and husband is my top priority.

Nadine is perfect for people who want to actually DO something to become unstuck.

You have to be ready to take yourself on and break through self-limiting beliefs and old stories you’ve told yourself for years. If you can trust yourself and are lucky enough to work with Nadine, you WILL get to the other side and NEVER look back. ”

JENNIFER NANGLE, Founder & CEO, DC Metro Hot Properties – Washington DC, USA

Jill Tomac

“Made the biggest sale in the history of my business and I didn't have to 'sell'.”

“I was struggling with the best way to get myself “out there” so people could see what I do and recognize they need my services. I watched Nadine for over a year and knew I could learn a lot from her.

With her help, I had the biggest sale in the history of my business. I sold a $35,000 climate assessment to a client and the best part is I didn't have to "sell". She also helped me negotiate and lock in several speaking engagements, including being the keynote speaker at a 300+ person conference.

Nadine not only brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to her coaching, she’s also highly intuitive and meets you where you are. Working with Nadine was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I gained a tremendous amount of value

I made huge strides working with Nadine and would not have achieved in years what I did in six months of working with her. I would hire her again in an instant.”

JILL TOMAC, President, Leadership Resource Group – Newport Beach, CA, USA

Jenelle Wohlberg

“She brought the true me out of hiding and I’m never looking back.”

“I was becoming negative in my business and not satisfied with my work – but was scared the work would dry up so kept plodding along. I wanted to do something more meaningful but the voice in my head said I wouldn’t make good money doing what I love and should be happy with what I have.

Nadine challenged me to think big. She showed me how I could combine my unique talents, passion and experience to help my ideal clients in a powerful way. What makes her stand out is the inner work – she helped me get to my core, dig deep and work from the inside out. I feel like I have a trusted and very wise friend in my corner.

If you’re willing, she will transform how you think about yourself and your business. I would call it systematic soul searching with an eye to the bottom line. She brought the true me out of hiding and I’m never looking back. Working with Nadine surpassed my expectations.”

JENELLE WOHLBERG, Founder & CEO, Speechless – Calgary, AB, Canada

Lisa Marie Genovese

“Have taken control of my time.”

“Before meeting Nadine, I was concerned about working with a ‘coach’. Many business strategists and coaches only give you encouragement and cheerlead. However, she is not that kind of coach.

Nadine got in the trenches with me and helped with the heavy lifting. She has a gift of seeing into an issue, looks at the root of it, examines what it is, helps you find a solution, and then gives you implementation support to fix it.

By working with Nadine, my revenue doubled, I have a clear road map with concrete steps to get where I need to go, and now value my time.

Nadine has just the right balance of the ‘feeling’ type stuff and the tangible aspects of reaching a goal. This was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I would not be where I am today without her help.”

LISA GENOVESE, President, Bottomline Marketing – Calgary, AB, Canada

Alan and Julie Ross“Best thing we’ve ever done for our business, ourselves and our relationship.”

“We were stuck in a rut and bogged down both professionally and personally. Our marriage was taking the brunt of our focus on the business. It was like the tail was wagging the dog.

It didn’t make sense to us. Alan is a world-class master photographer who worked with Ansel Adams. Why were we feeling so stuck?

When we had a chance to work with Nadine, we knew it would be a game-changer.

Some results we experienced are:

  • Clearly identified exactly where we were, where we wanted to go, and the gaps preventing us from getting there.
  • Quickly saw the path out of our rut and created the concrete steps to move to what we’ve always wanted.
  • Discovered we were leaving money on the table and working much harder than we needed to.
  • Identified where we were squandering our time and created our own entrepreneurial time system to step into the driver’s seat of our time.
  • Got unified with a joint vision and learned how to work together like a well-oiled machine in each of our unique zones of genius.

We have to admit we were skeptical at first – if we’d get the return on investment we needed, and whether or not Nadine could really help us not only see the path out of our rut, but create the steps to do it. Nadine delivered on all accounts. Her program was life-changing for us.

We know for sure is that to have something we've never had, we have to do some things we've never done. Nadine’s program gave us the tools, resources and confidence to do so. This is the most important work we’ve ever done.”

ALAN & JULIE ROSS, Owners, Alan Ross Photography – Santa Fe, NM, USA

Melody Chardon

“I knew it was the right program at the right time.”

“I was ready to create something big and knew it would take commitment and effort. I had a lot of ideas but lacked the laser focus needed to bring them to fruition.

Nadine has the ability to lovingly and powerfully call people forward. She helped me develop a clear, big vision that I’m really excited about. I can now see where I want to go and how I will get there.

Her program was invaluable for me for where I was in my business and life. It led me to dig deeper than I have before. It took me to places that I wouldn’t have gotten to on my own, especially in three short months.”

MELODY CHARDON, CPCC, ACC, Love and Loss Coach, ASC Life Transitions – Calgary, AB, Canada

Deb Boulanger

“Expert at helping high-achieving women stop wasting time chasing the wrong answers and start living their vision.”

“Things were not going as I imagined and I was struggling with focus in my business. I got stuck in a "wormhole" of having too many options with no clear direction. The easiest thing to do was nothing. That's where Nadine came in.

With her help, I:

  • Evaluated exactly where I was and set clear goals for my future.
  • Created a road map to achieve my income objectives.
  • Expanded my website subscribers by 30% by focusing on a narrower target audience, who resonates with my value proposition and who I'm really excited about serving.
  • Increased my focus on what's really important (accelerating growth) and the means to do that, like expanding an engaged network of partners and using targeted advertising to grow my list.

Nadine has a unique ability to surgically target what's missing in your business like no one I've ever met.”

DEBRA BOULANGER, CHC, Founder, Live a Whole Life – Sag Harbor, NY, USA

Kathy Barthel

“Master business strategist with heart.”

“I had two conflicting parts of me: a blog that was full of my spirit and passion to help women but didn’t make me money – and a freelance writing website with none of my personality and that I disliked intensely.

Nadine showed me how to combine my love and talent for writing with my passion for helping women. I now get paid to help people I’ve dreamed of helping by doing what I’m uniquely talented at. That’s priceless to me.

Nadine really listens and helps you hone in on the issues and your choices and solutions. In a short time she empowers and supports you to do the work that ultimately clears the fog and lets you see the way forward in your business.

Working with Nadine was a gift that has made a life-changing difference for me. If you need the help of a master business strategist with heart, Nadine is the one.”

KATHY BARTHEL, Founder & Chief Writing Officer, Take on the World – Toronto, ON, Canada

Donna Von Nieda

“Worth every cent and every minute spent.”

“Nadine helped me:

  • Discover the money I was leaving “on the table” – revenue I was literally throwing out the door.
  • Create a unique, customized entrepreneurial time system to organize my time every day of every week.
  • Gain clarity about where I’m going, both in my business and personal life.

Nadine’s approach is the most comprehensive way I’ve seen of identifying and closing all the holes in business. She is laser-focused, compassionate, courageous and kind. As a result of working with her, my business experienced a 47% increase in sales compared to last year!”

DONNA VON NIEDA, Director, Wilderness Medical Systems – Nye, MT, USA

Shivaun Palmer

“I finally have freed myself from my money fears.”

“I was paralyzed by money fears for as long as I remember. It kept me from finishing major projects I put my heart and soul into. Basically I was stuck in neutral and fearful how to move my company forward – and was mentally and physically exhausted.

By investing in myself through Nadine’s coaching, I:

  • Reclaimed my title as CEO of my business and life.
  • Uncovered many issues that had been holding me back for decades.
  • Let go of the poverty mindset for good.
  • Opened up the flow of money into my professional and personal life.
  • Secured a major sponsorship from a banker I’d been pursuing for three years.
  • Let go of the past and now live in the present with an eye to the future.
  • Have made myself my #1 priority going forward.
  • Feel incredibly more confident in my abilities.
  • Feel “lighter” mentally, spiritually and physically.

Nadine’s program was worth the investment 10 times over. She listens without judgement. She is real. Not “sale-ey”. She works with the human side of her clients to uncover their greatest wishes and desires, which is not the norm for most coaches. And her training materials are the most comprehensive I’ve seen.

Nadine’s success in the corporate world, coupled with the enormous training she has personally invested in herself to continually improve was obvious. And her willingness to share her own struggles and vulnerabilities made her very easy to relate to.”

SHIVAUN PALMER, CEO, Plaid for Women – Fort Worth, TX, USA

“I was sick and tired of playing small.”

“I knew I could do more but wasn’t sure where my holes were or inconsistencies lied. There was a road block in my way but I couldn’t see what it was. A friend introduced to me to Nadine and after one phone call I found the right business partner for me.

Nadine helped me:

  • Find clarity in my vision, something that was lingering over me for the last 7 years since I started my business.
  • Shift my thinking in terms of how I value my time and services.
  • Speak confidently about how my business changes lives.
  • Close more business with less effort to gain the business.
  • Simplify my business plan for next year – a few goals achieved will knock down many other dominoes for me.

I do more reflection, thinking and assessing my business on a weekly basis than I ever have. This has allowed me to have a better understanding of where my business is at and what I need to do to keep moving it to the next level.”

LINH TRAN, Financial Coach & Educator, World Financial Group – Calgary, AB, Canada

Annika Vaganhagen

“Nadine drives to the core of your issue and has her heart wide open every step of the way.”

“I was making good money but felt uninspired in my law practice and dreading some of the work. It was draining and hurting my spirit.

I’d been incubating an idea but the negative voice in my head was scared to take the chance. I was scared of my own power to achieve what I really wanted. I felt paralyzed but knew I had to “shit or get off the pot.

Nadine helped me:

  • Marry my skill set with something I feel passionate about. I thought they were two different worlds and didn’t think they could actually connect.
  • Take my law firm in a new direction, aligned my core values, my soul and what makes me happy. It’s an alignment of business and spirit.
  • See a clear image of the next steps to get me to my one-year goal, and even beyond that.

As a result, I’m more excited about what lays before me. I now know I can do anything I set my mind to.

Nadine is like the coach with soul. She focuses on the whole person, not just a black and white business plan you put on paper. She drives to the core of your issue and has her heart wide open every step of the way.”

ANNIKA VANGHAGEN, Tax Attorney, Vanghagen Law, P.C. – Denver, CO, USA

“It was heart-wrenching to see others moving forward when I wasn’t.”

“I was lost. All I could see was the success of my colleagues around me. I was hearing a lot of voices tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. Because I wasn’t sure where to focus my energy, it felt like everything was being done with half the effort.

I had a vision of being a successful businesswoman and mother who goes after her dreams and teaches her kids to do the same – but I felt pulled between my family and my business.

There were so many life-changing moments from my work with Nadine. I no longer feel guilt when I’m with my family on my free days and allow myself to be fully present. On my focus work days, I don’t feel guilty about focusing on business. This was huge for me!

Nadine helped me see how powerful I can be when I manifest my desires. She never pushed her opinion on me but instead allowed me to develop my own ideas on where I want to go and how I want to get there.

I’d recommend Nadine in a heartbeat. She lives what she teaches. She has a gift for bringing people together and bringing out the best in them. People develop trust in her quickly.

Nadine has a clear vision for her future and helped me get to mine. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Elizabeth Santerre, Marketing Director, World Financial Group – Calgary, AB, Canada

Barbara Austin

“Now I only do the things that grow my business. No more fluff!”

“I wanted to make a huge LEAP to the kind of business to afford me the life and freedom I want. But, I was struggling with self-discipline and focus.

With Nadine at my side, I:

  • Made multiple strategic shifts to up level my business for the freedom I’d been craving.
  • Strategically plan my time and get the most important work done.
  • Am not afraid to let go of lower priority projects and make more room for the ones truly essential to the success of my business.
  • Am more strategic in qualifying my ideal client and only accept the ones who are an ideal fit for me and I can truly help.

I now have more focus and only do the things that grow my business. I kicked resistance in the butt and did the work I needed to do.”

BARBARA AUSTIN, Web & Graphic Designer, SweetDreamz Design – Texas, USA

Cate Proudfoot“Anyone can present content and systems to a group, but not everyone can truly engage and inspire people to take action.”

“I’ve always known I’m meant to be in business for myself but I didn’t know where to start. I was tired of letting others direct my career for so long and their priorities overshadowing my own. Fear, perfectionism tendencies and confidence were holding me back from making the leap.

Now, I realize how important self-awareness is in living the life I want and being true to who I am. My confidence in myself has shifted. I see it’s ultimately my choice to be where I want to be. I am now taking many steps to go in the right direction and am excited about the leap I’m making.

Nadine’s greatest strengths are compassion and commitment to helping others see opportunities and strengths when they cannot see them for themselves. She certainly has a way of getting to the heart of an issue and finding the "stories" holding people back. Her energy and presence is unwavering.”

CATE PROUDFOOT, Management Consultant – Calgary, AB, Canada

“Nadine pushes your thoughts further, lifts your dreams higher, and moves you from ideas to action.”

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Nadine for several years and she most recently helped me with a vision for re-aligning my business. She has a breadth of organizational experience, sharp business acumen, and the ability to cut through to the essential fundamentals in any situation.

She clarified my intentions and brought a practical “do-ability” to the tasks before me. Nadine put my ideas in their “work clothes” and sent them, and me, out to get the job done.

Besides being plain good at what she does, Nadine is smart, warm and funny. She lives and works intentionally, with purpose and integrity. Nadine pushes your thoughts further, lifts your dreams higher, and moves you from ideas to action.”

YVONNE SPIES, Issue Management & Policy Advisor – Calgary, AB, Canada

Cristin MacFarland

“Within a month I quadrupled the original investment to work with her.”

“I always had clients fall into my lap but work started to dry up. I had confidence in my ability to deliver, but hated selling myself and had a hard time articulating the value of what I do. I was like a race horse stuck in the barn.

I was tired of trying to do it alone. I wanted a partner who would kick me in the butt and push me, and pick me up when I was down.

With Nadine’s help, I:

  • Created a crystal clear vision for my company for the next three years.
  • Realized clients don’t just fall into my lap, I have to go out and get it if I want it.
  • Am 1,000 times more confident in the value of what I do.
  • Now hold my head high and go out and attract my ideal clients.

Nadine helped me see a HUGE piece of me was missing, I had lost sight of who I used to be. She tunes into what you’re feeling and thinking VERY quickly. I felt heard and understood. She’s thought-provoking and patient. She has your back every step of the way.”

CRISTIN MacFARLANE, Principal, Forbes HR Group – Calgary, AB, Canada

Lyn Watner

“In the first 15 minutes Nadine asked me a question that changed me forever.”

“It opened up what I’ve been ignoring for a long time. It was an amazing experience.

Fast forward to today, after working with Nadine, I re-evaluated who I serve and clearly see their needs and goals. I got the clarity, insight and fortitude to take the leap I needed and wanted to take. My pricing is more aligned with the value of my services and I’m not afraid to ask for it. I know my worth.

With Nadine as your business partner and mentor, you get a perceptive, kind, open, resourceful and insightful person at your side. Working with her was worth every penny.”

LYN WATNER, Fundraising Consultant, LMW Associates – Baltimore, MD, USA


“Nadine’s insightful questions, coupled with her presence and energy, seemed to lift my own answers right out of me.”

“Before working with Nadine, I was looking for external approval and reluctant to put myself out there.

I didn’t have the full confidence that others would value my knowledge, skills and experience in the area of green building – even though I renovated my home to be healthy for us and the planet by adopting the rigorous international Passive House standard.

I shifted from “tip-toeing” around the notion of being an entrepreneur to truly owning it. I’m finishing my book and will sell it through speaking workshops and workshops for homeowners. I have conviction in my ability and have embraced what I’m here to do.

Nadine walks the talk and lives what she teaches. There is not a feeling of a forced template. The delivery is organic and authentic. She has the ability to screen and attract people who are just right for her unique abilities. She’s brilliant at what she does.”

CHIE KAWAHARA, Author, speaker and owner of Midori Haus Passive House – Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Mindy Broadstone

“Before finding Nadine, I was working all the time and felt guilty if I wasn't.”

“I thought I was the only one who could "do" it and didn't believe I could afford to hire anyone to help. I dreaded going into my office because it was piled high with unfinished business and did not have the proper support structure to house and organize the materials and tools I use every day.

Nadine took me through a process to get really clear on what needed to be done, who is best suited to do it and how I want to spend my time. It triggered internal awareness and revolutionized how I operate my business. I feel more organized and settled for doing my client work because the foundation pieces are being addressed.

Thank you Nadine for getting me to the YES place and build a stronger foundation for my business to thrive. This was required for me to finally hire some help to free up my time to do what I do best with my clients.

Nadine's clarity, drive and support led me to my own clarity, drive and self-support. I just came back from a meditation retreat and slipped right back into the flow of spending more time working with clients!”

MINDY BROADSTONE, Founder of Institute of Integrative Well-Being – Walton Beach, FL, USA

Lynn Young

“If you’re interested in mere dabbling or a gentle nudge forward, don’t engage her.”

“Nadine rolled up her sleeves and was as deeply committed to my success as I was. Her optimism of spirit is unbounded – and soon, I found myself swept up in the possibility born of my dreams. She coached with an energetic passion that is both powerful and playful. I felt as if we were side-by side, even though we were miles apart.

However, Nadine won’t let it stop there! A strategic realist, Nadine is always interested in, and gets results, precisely why I engaged her services! While never rushing, she moves deftly to activation.

If you’re interested in mere dabbling or a gentle nudge forward, don’t engage Nadine. If you find yourself desiring true change, with an enthusiastic master coach at your side, then hire her!”

LYNN YOUNG, Professional Coach – Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Brenda Poole

“Nadine is brilliant at helping you draw your road map and lifts you to implement it.”

“A friend asked if I only had 20 summers left to live, what would I do. I knew I wanted to make a bigger difference. I had more to give and wanted to get my business out there in a MUCH bigger way.

But, the voice of self-doubt said settle with where I was, that the problems in my industry are too big.

Nadine helped me get the clarity I needed and so much more I honestly never expected to walk away with. I’ve made huge shifts in every area of my business.

My head is clear and weight is lifted off my shoulders. I know what I need to do and it’s going to happen.

Nadine had an unfailing belief in me and gave me the gift of believing in myself. She wanted to truly know me so she could be her best for me and helped me know myself so I could be my best for me. Her courage, support and enthusiasm are contagious.”

BRENDA POOLE, Medical Industry Consultant, ROI Consulting – Calgary, AB, Canada

Erica Dornbusch

“Made enormous positive shifts.”

“I took a high-profile training program and found myself even hungrier for clarity than when I started. Then I connected with Nadine.

From the first time we spoke, I found myself at ease and eager to do the work. Her ability to see where I was hung up had me enthusiastically reframing my perspective.

With Nadine’s help, I launched a reinvigorated business 100% in my unique ability. We made enormous positive shifts in everything from time leadership, money confidence and self-leadership to whole life balancing.

I’ve realized the importance of time away from my business and now dedicate time for family, fun and self-care. I’ve become a more present mom and am especially grateful for that.”

ERICA DORNBUSCH, CEO, The Cosmic Toad – London, ON, Canada

Dianne Moore

“The way she cares about each client’s success is palpable.”

“I felt overwhelmed by what I needed to do to take my business to the next level. I lost some momentum and confidence.

Nadine spent more time than I expected to help me explore if we’d be a good fit to work together, and I liked that. She put the time and energy into understanding me.

After working with her, I:

  • Reinvigorated my vision and the value I provide my clients.
  • Created clear and measurable short-term and long-term goals.
  • Propelled my confidence to move toward my goals.
  • Finally dealt with an inner critic haunting me for years.
  • Was positioned to help other women across North America leap past their roadblocks.

Nadine is fabulous at asking the right questions. She listens between the lines and keeps the “pity party” to a minimum so positive motion forward is possible.

She is tough, but supportive; insightful, but not coddling; encouraging, but strategic in the way she presents what you need to know in order to grow. She gives you a pat on the back to help you move forward but she doesn’t sugar coat it either.

Nadine isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and real, which makes you safe to expose your own concerns. At the same time she’s very professional and has a next business strategy for whatever your issue is.”

DIANNE MOORE, Principal, Moore Better Food – Narberth, PA, USA

Colleen Hannegan

“Nadine’s greatest desire is to assist you in all you desire.”

“I had been running the same business for over 20 years and knew I was ready for a big change. I called Nadine because I felt alone in a giant ocean of possibilities.

Nadine focused on my needs and tuned into the higher frequency of what I was saying. Her laser intuition and attention to my unique story and ideas assured me I had chosen her coaching skills wisely and found a mentor for my next exciting chapter.

As an experienced business woman, I know my knowledge is valuable and well earned. But changing course at 57 years old requires the kind of mentoring from a higher caliber of coaching I recognized in Nadine.

By working with Nadine, you’ll have a knowing, caring and fully present business partner. I felt her unconditional belief in me, all the way from Canada down here to Southern California.”

COLLEEN HANNEGAN, Spirited Business Advisor – Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Suzanne LeValley

“My investment of both time and money was well worth it, and has already been returned many times over.”

“I had a million ideas in my head, and was so overwhelmed by them that I was really stuck. I was also feeling the march of time and realized that I needed to bring more balance into my life and work less. I was in a real state of confusion with my business when I met Nadine.

She put me on track and transformed my vague dreams into clarity and action. I finally discovered the key element that I've been searching for many years that will make my business profitable, successful and something I'm truly proud of having created.

The investment of both time and money was well worth it, and has already been returned many times over as my company moves in an exciting new direction.”

SUZANNE LeVALLEY, President, Longley Condominium Services Ltd. – Calgary, AB, Canada

Leona Devinne

“Walked away with a juicy plan, fired up and ready to go!”

“I wanted to get clear on how I could authentically offer some new programs and products to my clients. Nadine helped me uncover my core business and personal values. From this foundation she helped me create some really tangible offerings and products and a clear plan for how to carry it out in over the next year. I walked away fully engaged and energized in my business.”

LEONA deVINNE, CPCC, ACC, Corporate Coach, Educator & Speaker, Accendo Consulting – Calgary, AB, Canada

Cherine Hlady

“More business, more money AND more time with my family.”

“Nadine helped me ‘dig deep’ into the kind of lifestyle, business and working relationships I wanted.

She was instrumental in helping me negotiate a new contract that turned into more business, more money AND more time with my family.

Nadine particularly understands the unique challenges faced by female business owners who must also balance work and family, since she faces those challenges herself. I know she gets it!”

CHERINE HLADY, Communication Consultant, Capti Consulting Ltd. – Calgary, AB, Canada

Shelley McKenzie

“I had worked with other business coaches but didn’t get what I needed.”

“I was at a crossroads in my business. I needed to make some significant changes but was stuck on how to do it. That was until I met Nadine.

Not only did she brainstorm solutions with me but her open, candid and judgement-free personality was a real plus. She asked thoughtful, direct questions that helped me think through various scenarios. She guided me to make the final decisions that were right for me and my business.

Now, I work with the clients I want to work with and still have time to put my husband and three busy daughters first. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.”

SHELLEY McKENZIE, Online Business Manager, TicTok Virtual Assistance – Calgary, AB, Canada

Lisa Rushka

“Helped me take a step back, think about what I want to achieve and decide how to get there.”

“I realized I needed help to figure out what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. I wanted to figure out my personal and professional goals and learn how to manage them without burning out.

After working with Nadine, I’m now clear about where I’m going and have focused priorities for my business. The biggest benefit was seeing my business through the eyes of people I trust — what an affirmation it was! It resulted in a real boost to my confidence and confirmed that people I respect also respect and appreciate my skills and abilities.

Nadine is very empathetic and provides concrete suggestions for how to solve problems and analyze challenges. I’d definitely recommend working with Nadine. Every athlete out there has a coach to guide and teach them — maybe even to kick their ass now and then — thanks Nadine for being mine!”

LISA RUSHKA, APR, Principal, Momentum Communications – Calgary, AB, Canada

Terri O'Brien“Before working with Nadine, I kept hitting an unscalable wall.”

“I couldn’t put a name to the wall nor could I go around, above or through it. It was exhausting, frustrating and unproductive, and made me doubt myself, my business and what I had to offer. I’m unbelievably grateful I took action and worked with Nadine. She has truly changed my life in so many ways now, and in probably a thousand future ways. I feel like I’ve graduated from an elite academy. A simple thank you is nowhere near enough. Her personality, heart and true sense of serving is not just lip service or one size fits all.”

TERRI O’BRIEN, Life Coach, Master Joy & Success – Middlebury, CT, USA

Adele Fedorak

“Positioned herself as a partner who had a stake in my success. I felt supported and understood.”

“I had a new business idea but wasn’t confident it would fly – and I was tired of ruminating about it. The voice inside my head was driving me crazy and I felt paralyzed.

I created a clear purpose and vision for the results my clients get. I believe in what I offer to my core. If it wasn’t for Nadine, I would have laid my “idea” to bed. I’m so excited about the work ahead and where my business is headed – I’m on fire!

ADELE FEDORAK, Parent and Leadership Coach – Calgary, AB, Canada

Sandy Connery

“She hears into what you’re saying, it’s like she hears beyond your words.”

“I was starting up a new business venture in a completely new line of work. I had done a lot of soul searching to make sure the new business gave me freedom and control over what I did and how I did it.

Yet, in the back of my mind, there was this nagging feeling of limiting beliefs. Nadine is super intuitive and a strong listener. She hears into what you’re saying, it’s like she hears beyond your words.

With her help, I got more in touch with my heart and learned to trust the voice inside of me. I liked we got right down to work and there was no fluffy stuff. The fear is gone and I’m excited to my roadmap into action and making things happen.”

SANDY CONNERY, Founder, – Calgary, AB, Canada

Christina Workman

“Delivered exactly what she said she would. I definitely got my money’s worth!”

“I’ve talked with other coaches but I couldn’t justify the money, and didn’t have the confidence it would pay for itself. That was until I hired Nadine.

She understood my issues, concerns and problems because she’s been there herself. She has a wide range of knowledge and tools and customized them for my unique needs.”

CHRISTINA WORKMAN, Website & Social Media Consultant – Calgary, AB, Canada

Susan Elford

“I saw my business challenges with new eyes and came up with solutions I hadn’t thought of before.”

“My work with Nadine was rewarding, surprisingly insightful and, above all, fun! I really felt like she was a “coach”, in my corner, encouraging me to build my business in the way that best suited me—while offering much practical support along the way to fine tune the details. What I enjoyed most about working with Nadine was her inspiring energy that helps people find the courage and conviction that lives within them to follow their dreams.”

SUSAN ELFORD, APR, Elford Communications – Calgary, AB, Canada

Claire Steichen

“My ideal clients respond to me much more now.”

“With Nadine’s help I’m now more certain about all the parts and pieces of my business and can see from the 10,000 foot level that I’m finally right on track. I now have more conviction when I talk about who I work with and the results we get. I’m more paced with my to-do list and set more realistic goals. Business is doing really well and I think it’s the change in my attitude.”

CLAIRE STEICHEN, CPCC, MBA, Founder, Clear Strategy Coaching – New York City, NY, USA

Denise Summers

“Priceless for my business and a gift in my life.”

“Nadine has walked my path and understood where I was coming from. Many times she kept me from making mistakes in my business. Her tenacity for digging to the core and creating practical solutions has made me more successful than had I traveled this road alone. She is one the most authentic and generous people I’ve ever known. Having Nadine as my business partner has been priceless for my business and an amazing gift in my life. I know she's got my back.”

DENISE SUMMERS, Communication Consultant, Amphora Communications – Calgary, AB, Canada

Tracy Fox

“Helped me step back and take a good look at my business so I didn’t get caught up without a strategic plan for the future.”

“Nadine helped me focus my business and make some decisions, ensuring I have the right balance in my professional and personal life. She helped me step back and take a good look at my business so I didn’t get caught up without a strategic plan for the future. Talking it through with Nadine helped me to crystallize my action plan. I appreciate her perspective, positive attitude and advice.”

TRACY FOX, ABC, Communication Consultant – Calgary, AB, Canada

Rishma Lalani“I’m happy, stimulated, passionate and energetic again.”

“Before working with Nadine, I was unhappy and stuck being a 100% stay-at-home Mom after many years being an ambitious career woman. She helped me take an honest inventory of my life and my career, and set goals for what I wanted next.

I'm now Talent Acquisition Partner at CIBC, working in the heart of Toronto's financial district. It's what we discussed as my goal and I've achieved it. I’m happy, stimulated, passionate and energetic again. I'm the “me” I wanted to be and I'm committed to growing my career – and I still have lots of time with my family.

I thankful for having met Nadine and taking the steps forward to launch what I know now in my heart is not just a job, but my future career.”

RISHMA LALANI, Talent Acquisition Partner, CIBC – Toronto, ON, Canada

Jayne Morton-Terrault

“Nadine went digging into places that no one has ever gone before and asked questions we try to push away.”

“I was working 24/7, often on other people’s stuff leaving no time for my own. I was exhausted mentally and physically trying to be everything to everyone.

After working with Nadine, I realized I’ve been doing everything against my core values. I now make decisions much more easily and have more focus and less chaos. For example, I put down a deposit on a property and discovered it had asbestos. I was told it wasn’t that big of a deal and before I’d have listened to them. Nadine helped me trust my gut and see exactly how big of a deal it is. I did my homework and got out of the deal.

Nadine is very intuitive. She will lead you to where you want to go without you even realizing it. It blows me away. I give her 100 out of 10 for her support and encouragement. She exudes joy and confidence, and is down to earth and authentic. Every single interaction I’ve had with her has been that way. I’m enjoying my life differently, not just business but all aspects of my life. Things are falling into place now.”

JAYNE MORTON-TERRAULT, CEO, Elephant Investing – Calgary, AB, Canada

Maureen Towns

“I’m more confident in my business than ever.”

“Nadine believes in you and your ability to do more than you think you can do – and be more than you think you can be.

Now, I’m more confident in my business than ever. I am “the boss” and need to own it! If I’m not feeling good in my business, then I need to look at how I am being as my own boss. I am setting the tone and culture I want to live to.

I'm in charge of my time and more purposeful about how I spend it. I set more realistic deadlines and look back at my day honestly without using external interruptions as an excuse.

My book is done and I’m now focusing a big part of my business on what gives me incredible energy — professional speaking. Without the push Nadine gave, I would have continued to say “someday…”

Thank you, Nadine. You’ve given me a tremendous gift—the ability to be the best leader I can be for ME.”

MAUREEN TOWNS, CEO, Maureen Towns & Associates – Calgary, AB, Canada

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