Time is far too precious to waste a single second. Nadine Nicholson

Hello, Powerhouse.
Let’s make your NEXT BIG THING better than
anything you’ve done before.

I’m here to help you get results that exceed your wildest dreams. We aren’t just talking about your next bold move or strategic initiative – we’re talking about your whole, glorious life. I’ll partner with you to envision, strategize and achieve your boldest, most ambitious goals.

Unlike other business strategists, I won’t make you follow a cookie cutter approach or put you in a box. Instead, I will help you uncover your truest priorities, and use those priorities to drive your results in a different way. Your way. Because when you achieve from this place – without denying or giving up what matters most to you – your results will be even better than you’ve imagined.

There are three ways we can work together (click on the program name to learn more):

Big Vision, Big Results – A 90-day exclusive, life-changing small group program that gives you the structure, tools, training, accountability and live coaching support to envision, plan, troubleshoot and activate your next bold move like never before.

Project-Based Consulting – Short-term (6 to 12 weeks) strategic consulting on a specific goal or project in your business, career or life.

Work Privately – Work one-on-one with me over the course of a year to develop and implement a plan for multiple goals, opportunities and projects. Includes access to a powerhouse mastermind peer group and live retreats.


Not sure which option is right for you? No sweat. To explore working with Nadine as you go after your next big opportunity, apply for a time to talk here.

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