Webinar: 3 Ways to Get to the Bottom of What’s Draining Your Energy so You Can Finally Achieve Your Bigger Dream with Nadine Nicholson

Especially if you are a high-achieving powerhouse who knows
how to make money – and you now want to master your time.

(Feel too busy for this training? Then it is DEFINITELY for you.)

Join Nadine Nicholson, Founder and CEO of MeJane


I see many successful and driven business owners who’ve accomplished plenty and know how to make big things happen.

BUT their ambition and big thinking can come at a big price.

They’re working too hard and giving up too much, only to feel stressed out and exhausted. The irony is in spite of all they’ve achieved, they still don’t have the freedom they thought they would by now.

They are success rich, but time poor.

Many of us sacrifice our health, marriages, relationships and self-care because we think we should devote all our time and energy to our business if we’re going to be successful. And then we wonder why we don’t love our lives and why success can sometimes feel dry and joyless.

Can you relate? If so, it may look like:

  • Seeing your spouse needs more attention – but by the end of the day you’ve got nothing left to give
  • Feeling horrible telling your kids “I’ll be there in a minute” (and then showing up 90 minutes later)
  • Making a resolution to take better care of your body and health, but failing to squeeze it in
  • Hearing your real work calling out to you, but being too busy (or too intimidated) to figure out how to answer the call

How many of these sound like you? One? All? None?

It’s real. It’s a signal that something isn’t right. 

And if you continue to ignore it, it will bite you in the butt... wreck your marriage... destroy your health... turn your kids against you... and basically drain all the joy and fun out of being a powerhouse who gets sh*t done (and makes big things happen).

Join me for an eye-opening business strategy workshop and observe me as I walk you through how to put yourself on a different path.

I will share the three ways to get to the bottom of what drains your energy or makes you feel uninspired. Then I’ll open you up to how you can finally claim your freedom and discover your bigger dream.

What you'll learn on the call:

  • The one question you need to ask before investing any time, money or energy into making a big change in your life and work
  • What most high-achievers completely miss by being too busy racing down the track like a horse with blinders on 
  • How you can finally get clear about what you really want and create a plan for exactly how to get there 
  • The biggest self-sabotaging habit stopping you from having the freedom to choose how you spend your time – and how to change it

Now is the time, Powerhouse. The training is free. With what I will teach you, the second half of your life will be even better than you imagined, because your deepest priorities and true calling will become your rocket fuel. 

So, join me! Simply enter your name and best email address in the box above. The best news is you’ll be able to apply some of it to your own life and business the same day!

Nadine NicholsonAbout the Presenter

Business strategist Nadine Nicholson works with results-driven, successful entrepreneurs to achieve results that exceed their wildest dreams. She is the founder and CEO of MeJane, a global consulting company that roots strategic planning into a leader’s true priorities. Nadine has spent the past two decades helping leaders achieve their bigger dreams, inclusive of the things that matter most – namely their health, marriage, family, time off, or the work they are called to do. She lives in Calgary with her husband Derek and son Keane, where they love to bike, hike, camp and paddleboard in the mountains together. Learn more at mejane.ca.



Time is far too precious to waste a single second. Nadine Nicholson


What Others Want You to Know...

Jenelle Wohlburg

“She brought the true me out of hiding and I’m never looking back.”

"Nadine challenged me to think big. She showed me how I could combine my unique talents, passion and experience to help my ideal clients in a powerful way. What makes her stand out is the inner work – she helped me get to my core, dig deep and work from the inside out. She will transform how you think about yourself and your business. I would call it systematic soul searching with an eye to the bottom line. She brought the true me out of hiding and I’m never looking back. Working with Nadine surpassed my expectations."

JENELLE WOHLBERG, Founder & CEO, Speechless – Calgary, AB, Canada


Donna Von Nieda

“Worth every cent and every minute spent.”

"Nadine helped me create a unique, custom time system to organize my time every day of every week and find the money I was literally throwing out the door. Her approach is the most comprehensive way I’ve seen of identifying and closing all the holes in business. She is laser-focused, compassionate, courageous and kind. As a result of working with her, my business experienced a huge increase in sales compared to last year!"

DONNA VON NIEDA, Director, Wildnerness Medical Systems – Nye, MT, USA


Penny Lane Crull

“You can’t put a price on this transformation.”

"This investment will repay me for the rest of my life every day. This was life-changing for me. Before working with Nadine, life was passing me by in a whirlwind of stress. My state of my mind was affecting my health, my relationships and my business. My time felt out of my control. No matter what I was doing, I felt I should be doing “something else”. 

I had a bigger dream for a long time but couldn’t see a path to it or fathom having the energy or resources to figure it out. I knew it was time to work on some things at a deeper level.

In an amazingly short amount of time, Nadine helped me do the “inside work” which made all the outside work possible, clearly see the path to my bigger dream and find the internal motivation to steadily take action toward my vision, and learn how to take charge of my time

She exudes confidence and trustworthiness. Nadine is very perceptive and not afraid to call people to the carpet in a gentle way when they need to hear it. She is insightful, strong and loving."

PENNY LANE CRULL, CEO, JobCosting – Grass Valley, CA, USA


Monica Skumilka

“I am often reluctant to listen to business coaches because I fear getting too much new information and not knowing what to do with it.”

“I love that Nadine's talks offer simple techniques and exercises I can implement right away. She possesses a lot of credibility and the information she shares is easy to absorb. Nadine inspires leaders to step up their commitment. What I especially appreciate about Nadine is the motivation to create a bigger vision for myself and to be guided by this vision in what I do. She is enthusiastic, entertaining and easy to relate to. Nadine is a very inspiring speaker. I resonated instantly with her.”

MONIKA SKUMILAK, Owner, Freedom Therapy – Napa Valley, CA, USA


Let's make your Next Big Thing better than anything you've done before. Nadine Nicholson



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